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Policy and Objectives

SHE policy and strategic objectives are continually changing with new ideas and legal amendments, these changes are communicated to all levels by elected SHE representatives, project SHE meetings, SHE meetings and monthly management meetings.

The driving force behind the objectives is to ensure that AFRI MINE PTY LTD is the safest construction and mining company within the industry, thus ensuring a safe and health working environment for all our employees.

We are very confident that through continual communication and training that all SHE objectives will be met.
AFRI MINE PTY LTD has an integrated SHE system and programme which is implemented on all projects. This system is continually being adapted to meet new legal and industry requirements and standards. The benefit of the system is that it may be adapted to suit the needs and requirements which any client may require.

Performance monitoring is done by both project management and the dedicated full time SHE Department which continually assist advice and enforce SHE related issues. In addition, independent auditors from the industry and clients are utilized periodically to access and ensure that the current systems and standards are being adhered to.

We work a 24 hour, shift 365 days per year.

We have adequate management supervision and labour resource, suitably qualified and with specific civil & mining knowledge to undertake all types of surface mining projects and earthworks.

We have obtained a large fleet of earth moving machinery, to cater for its core business and can supply all the equipment necessary to undertake most types of project. We also pride ourselves on the ability to purchase more equipment when the need arises.

In conclusion AFRI MINE PTY LTD stands out as we have built a very stable work force, a good order book and good prospects for the next financial year.
Our equipment has an average life of less than 2000 hours, we are increasing and refurbishing our fleet at all times.

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