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Where no specific instructions have been given regarding, rehabilitation, we follow these procedures:

  • All rubble, building material, oils, rubber, paper, plastic, contaminated soil and appropriate infrastructure or any form of rubbish shall be removed or disposed of at the completion of the Works, to the satisfaction of our Client. 
  • All mounded soils, vegetation or tree mulch shall be raked from the edges of natural vegetation and spread onto disturbed areas. Topsoil from stockpiles shall be spread onto the top of the disturbed areas at a maximum depth of 100mm unless otherwise directed by our Client.
  • Nominated roads and access tracks shall be ripped along the contour to a depth of 500mm and raked to match the surrounding ground surfaces. 
  • All blade work and push down surfaces shall be deep ripped on the final ground contours.
  • Where otherwise not defined, -all disturbed areas shall be ripped on the contour to a depth of 500mm with a rip line spacing of 750mm. 
  • Rock and soil dumps other than specified waste dumps (except in creek channels) shall be removed to local surface contours and ripped. 
  • Existing drainage channels shall not be disturbed without written approval from our Client. 
  • Prior to batter reformation, toe topsoil and vegetation on benches shall be stripped and stockpiled for back blading after completion of slope reprofiling. 
  • Rubbish and any derelict construction equipment shall be removed to a nominated site approved by our Client.


    AFRI MINE PTY LTD will been actively involved in all the major types of Projects and Mining. These projects include water construction of terraces, earth dams, roads, channels with a host of, high profile mining projects. As a result, these projects have pioneered SHE systems and procedures for the entire AFRI MINE PTY LTD COMPANY.

    Leadership and Commitment

    Under the MHS Act (29 of 1996), all senior management understand their legal and moral responsibility and have committed to ensuring a healthier and safe working environment.

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